Travel Expense Tax Law

Benefit from our Expertise: Travel Expense Claims

Because of the many complexities and continual changes to the tax laws,

many companies no longer have an overview of this area of business.

Travel, accommodation and meal expenses need to go through an arduous

process of collection, checking and approval.

Our highly trained staff at CP Organisationsberatung GmbH can assist you

with this process, we will look to improve the efficiency of your travel expenses

documentation and create claims documentation that is as effective as possible.

Working together with you we will develop a travel claims concept that fully

meets your requirements.

You send us your travel expense claims and we look after the rest.

You can send us all your claims or just those more complex and time consuming cases.

We will happily take this off your hands as increasing client satisfaction through

reducing their workload is our motivation.

Our certified Quality Management System demands that every claim is checked

by at least two members of staff. By doing this we can ensure the highest levels

of accuracy and absence of mistakes through which we set ourselves apart

from the competition.

Cost Assurance Instead of Follow-up Costs

You won’t find hidden follow-up or additional costs in our organisation.

Our partnership with your company begins with a detailed strategic

planning exercise and defining of the outsourced business processes.

In our organisation Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are a “must have”.

Together with you we will agree the scope and the extent of the services

which we will provide.

The services provided will be documented in detail and are therefore

transparent for our clients and costs can be easily calculated.


Through regular training and development our staff are continually

informed about changes and innovations in the areas of Tax Law,

Management and Technology. This enables them to offer a complete

range of consultancy and advice.