Tax-Compliance Input VAT  deductions

Tax compliance for Input VAT deductions for national and international invoices from Accounts Payable and Travel Expense claims


German companies are often asked to pay additional charges because the Finance Authority rejects their Input VAT deduction claims.

As soon as one invoice does not meet all legal requirements, the claim is rejected and is no longer valid. The most common cases are meal receipts.

These are commonly rejected during a tax audit and assigned to non-deductible business expenses. 

We make your receipts work

We identify mistakes in receipt/invoice documentation quickly, thoroughly and correctly. Invoices/receipts which do not fulfil the legal requirements are returned to the issuer for amendment.

We examine special cases meticulously and agree them with our clients promptly.



With our expertise gained over many years of experience and knowledge from claiming these refunds daily, your company will be able to claim refunds on all its reimbursable expenses.