Foreign Input VAT Reimbursement

Many companies lose money to foreign tax authorities through business travel,

because they do not reclaim foreign VAT expenses to which they are entitled.


Additional Profit Optimisation through Foreign VAT Reimbursement

Business Travel, Trade Fairs and conferences: Your staff were on their travels

and have returned with heaps of receipts, bills and invoices.

They will have paid foreign VAT on many of their purchases for which it is

possible to make a claim.

We can reclaim this VAT for your company and so optimise your profits.


We can successfully deal with your claims for Foreign VAT reimbursement

Industry experts believe that very few organisations really use the process of reclaiming foreign VAT.

The reasons why are obvious: time consuming, painstaking, expensive and on top of that too much bureaucracy.

We have detailed knowledge of Input VAT reimbursement and use all our resources to tap the full potential of your Input VAT reimbursement claims. Using our country specific knowledge we guarantee that all requirements for claims are met.