Web Archive

Safe, structured, space saving: Web Archive

The amount of receipts and invoices that need to be processed, stored and also

retrieved daily is ever growing.

The management of your receipts and invoices needs to be given high level of attention.

In our Web Archive your documents are always available for your business needs,

authorised, lean and structured and stored with a maximum level of data security.

Discreet, confidential and time saving

At your request we can scan and store all your receipts for the long term in an orderly manner.

Your authorised members of staff have access to the files and can retrieve receipts and check

their status and any other relevant information at any time.

Locate instead of search

Archiving your documents electronically frees up space and guarantees data security.

With a clear and structured indexing system we ensure that your documents are quick

and easy to find when they are required for your business processes.

Referencing is set up according to your requirements either by trip reference,

staff number or date.