Outsourcing Service

Strategic, cost assured, transparent: Outsourcing Service

To remain competitive, companies often take a critical look at their costs and look to

external service providers to take over some of their business processes or functions.

CP Organisationsberatung GmbH has proven, highly qualified experience in

undertaking outsourcing projects.


Division of Labour Principle

We use the division of labour principle, everybody does what he does best. For example

we complete the checking of invoices and receipts, at the same time we take on the full

responsibility this outsourced area of your business, you no longer have to deal with this

recurring, time consuming and cost intensive work.



Cost Assurance Instead of Follow-up Costs

You won’t find hidden follow-up or additional costs in our organisation.

Our partnership with your company begins with a detailed strategic planning exercise

and defining of the outsourced business processes.

In our organisation Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are a “must have”.

Together with you we will agree the scope and the extent of the services which we will provide. 

Through continually monitoring these SLA’s and analysing this data you will always have an

overview of your outsourced business processes.

The services provided will be documented in detail and are therefore transparent for our

clients and costs can be easily calculated.


Implementing standard and efficient Financial Processes and ensuring compliance

With our expertise we will look at you financial processes and develop, taking into

account the requirements of your business, standardised, efficient and transparent

financial processes in the areas of Financial Accounting and Reporting.

Alongside the standardisation of you processes we will focus on compliance.

Our aim is that your Financial Processes meet the requirements of your business as

well as those of both internal and external stakeholders

(Auditors, Financial Authorities, and Internal Audit).


After the development and implementation of the standardised Financial Processes

the conversion to these new processes takes place using process principles such as

“Delegation of Authority”, “ Segregation of Duties”  as well as “ Internal Control Systems”.

Additionally our expertise can support your company in the area of “Audit Management”

that is the use of efficient processes with respect to annual reporting.

It is important for us that we can offer your business our support and expertise across

a complete range of business activities:



Verification - design - concept - implementation documentation - training - monitoring and, if necessary, adjustments to your financial processes.